Honorary Professorship

Do you really need to go to college?

What is an honorary professorship?

An honorary professorship is an award given by a university to a person who have bestowed dedicated service and contribution to the institution. He/She may be a teacher, a visiting lecturer, a researcher who may have served the whole university community with excellence and sincerity.


Why an honorary professorship?

There is a set of criteria imposed on how to earn an honorary professorship.  Those appointed with that award must satisfy the standard of the school.  This individual may not be a member of the academic world but must have great contribution of the school.  Being chosen as an honorary professor is a great prestige.  When you purchase a degree in honorary professorship, you will enjoy lots of privileges such as being a keynote lecturer, a researcher, and many more.  You also receive an honorarium from the school annually.



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Do you really need to go to college?

Nobody can give you a definitive answer and you should think again about anyone who chooses to do so. Every individual’s circumstance is different and there are a lot of things to consider before making the decision of not going to college. For instance, do you intend on never getting a degree or is it a choice made on the basis that having work experience is more important? There are countless examples of people who have become millionaires and even billionaires without ever having a college degree. People like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or the CEO of Dell Inc. did not attend the courses of a traditional form of schooling.

College is optional, a degree is not

For those of us who have not invented the next Microsoft, Windows or iPhone, a college degree is not optional, as it greatly increases employment possibilities, along with the average income. This means that by not going to college, your life is drastically affected, financial security will slowly transform in a distant dream and living by yourself into a practical impossibility. Studies show that people who have a BA are 60% more likelyto get employed than those who do not, whereas the average earning per year of someone that is the graduate of a Master’s program can be as much as double the one of an employee with high-school education.
Wherever you look, college education is valued. From office jobs to manual labour positions, if you own a higher-education degree, your career is bombarded by multiple prospects of promotion.

Getting a degree without actually going to college

This part is the simple one. There are two ways in which you can obtain a degree from higher-education without having to endure the financial, time-consuming strain of a traditional degree program. The first approach is to sign up to an online course as a form of long-distance attendance to a University. A lot of celebrities and individuals who have established reputations in their field have chosen this type of learning in order to suit the demands of their busy lives. No commuting is necessary, tuition fees tend to be more agreeable and all of the required information to pass your exams can be downloaded on a smart-phone. Pretty neat, isn’t it?
The second manner in which you can get a degree without going to college is to buy one. If it’s the first time you’ve heard of this, you needn’t be alarmed, as selling degrees has been a profitable business for years now. The hard part is acquiring a degree that you can use without putting your career at risk.

Buying an online degree the smart way

You’ll find that there are hundreds of websites offering you any qualification you desire based on your life-experience or, if you don’t have any, on a common knowledge test. The issued degrees do not possess any kind of accreditation, meaning that their legal value is that of a professional looking document.
Our business focuses on offering a different product to our customers.First of all, the diplomas you get from us are accredited. This is a time-consuming process that gives an institution the possibility to legally train and educate students, thus releasing degrees that confirm their qualifications and experience. In addition, the product you choose will include an authentic, professionally-designed certificate that looks in no way different from a normal college degree, as well as additional documents to testify your attendance to classes.
Through our services, your CV will be able to pass the most rigorous screening process and the future safety of your professional reputation is ensured.