How can you earn a University degree using your iPad?

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Fifteen years ago, Internet-based learning was an idyllic notion. Universities were still running their long-distance degree programs using snail mail. Just imagine having to do your assignments and keep track of all of those papers, books and projects. Nowadays it would even be an issue of space, as you could hardly fit all of the mandatory bibliography in a single room. Alas, spilling coffee on your exam notes or losing them is a distant memory with online degrees. Educational institutions all over the world have upgraded their facilities so that you can get a degree online.


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How can you earn a University degree using your iPad?

Everything you need is your iPad

Academic resources have become digitalized for years now and, seeing that it was a simple matter of creating an educational platform where students can log in and attend classes, the investment was profitable even before its implementation. Still, by means of more efficient data compression, videoconferencing was introduced and became the most popular way of attending courses. Forget about commuting through slow-moving traffic, wasting half a day just to reach the campus and you can definitely rule out bad hair days. Everything you have to do is to log onto the University’s online learning platform and you’ll be marked as attending the lecture.

With the incredible savings made by ruling out commuting and staying on campus, as well as reduced tuition fees, you can easily purchase a new iPad, laptop, P.C.or even all three of them and still have enough money left to have some fun. Expensive books that take up more space than you have are also history. With a click you can download all of the mandatory bibliography or access it through the academic portals of your University’s online library. You won’t even have to delete your favourite songs or videos on your device, as books boast the best compression rate among digital files.You can fit close to 500 average-sized books in just 1GB of space on your iPad.

The resources of online learning

Charts, presentations, videos and animations are taking over the educational process as the more interactive and easy to grasp alternative to plain text. Ever had a concept that you could never pronounce or understand the meaning of? With just a minute of animation, the fog will disappear. Most importantly, you’ll employ your sight and hearing, as well as imagination, participating in a learning experience that is both efficient and time-lasting. Colours and images further provide you with assistance in transmitting and learning information, making everything possible from the comfort of your couch. Sit down with a soft drink and a snack, open your iPad and log onto your Faculty’s online portal for learning. By entering a chat room you’ll be able to see and hear the professor holding a course lecture, eliminating the stress of being in the same room, as well as the inconvenience of having to clear up your entire schedule.

Flexibility is the most attractive part

Online learning is now an established solution for any individual that does not have a degree in higher education. Regardless of your current circumstances, with the help of your iPad and nothing more, you can get that degree you’ve always wanted without having to give up the time you spend with your family or the current job you’ve worked so hard to keep.