Arts and Humanities

How can you find online degree verification?

What is Arts and Humanities?

It is the discipline that covers various areas dealing with languages, philosophy, literature, performing arts, and visual arts both in ancient and modern times.

Employment Opportunities in:


  • Customer service
  • Fashion
  • Interior Design
  • Journalism
  • Linguistics
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Public Sector
  • Teaching
  • Theater

Available Majors:


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How can you find online degree verification?

If you’re considering an online degree, then you’ve surely heard about the dangers of enrolling in such a program. Indeed, it can be quite difficult to tell the difference between a real college or university with online courses and a bogus institution with a very professional and deceiving aspect. Consequently, if you want to make the most of your online degree, you should take great care and thoroughly research when you choose your college or university. One easy way to make sure you’re onto a real institution is to look it up through an online degree verification service.

Do you really need online degree verification?

To put it shortly, yes. It is imperative that you verify that the college or university you choose is real and accredited. Otherwise, you will not only spend a lot of money on a worthless diploma, but you will also put your entire career at risk.
There are many businesses out there specializing in fooling potential students to buy their degrees. You may not even know that your diploma is phony until you are confronted by your employer in a very embarrassing and risky situation.After all, lack of awareness will never spare you the legal consequences involved. More precisely, purchasing a fake degree is not illegal in itself, but if you are caught using such a degree to gain an advantage over your colleagues, then you might have to pay exorbitant fines or face other legal penalties, depending on the state you’re in.

Online degree verification services

Online degree verification services have been created not only to help future students decide on their college or university, but also to assist employers in verifying the qualifications on the resumes of applicants. It is important to remember that today more than ever, companies use such verification methods in order to screen future employees, which can get you into a lot of trouble if you don’t pay attention to the source of your diploma.

One of the most widely recognized online degree verification service is the National Student Clearinghouse, which collaborates with more than 3000 educational institutions in order to record completed degrees and reliable colleges and universities. All you have to do to verify your degree is to navigate to their site and submit a request.

While the National Student Clearinghouse focuses mainly on degrees obtain in the USA, you can use the HEDD (Higher Education Degree Datacheck) to verify any college or university within the UK. Qualification Check is also a noteworthy database and can be used to verify degrees in the UK, USA, Europe or China.

Of course, all of these services come with a fee, depending on how many verifications you request. If you don’t wish to spend on verifying your online degree then you can browse through the online diploma mill database and make sure that the college or university you attended is not blacklisted. Whichever method you choose, making sure that your online degree is authentic is of utmost importance today, especially since more and more employers are verifying the credentials of their applicants.