Social Science

How to find a reliable online school

What is Social Science?

It is a discipline that deals with the study of the society and the behaviors of man.

Employment opportunities in:

  • Anthropological Studies
  • Communication and Allied Fields
  • Community Outreach
  • Economics and Marketing
  • Education and Training
  • Geology and Historical Development
  • Political Science
  • Psychology and Guidance
  • Public Administration
  • Research and International Studies

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How to find a reliable online school

Due to the increasing demand in qualifications on today’s job market, most if not all potential employees attempt to secure one or more degrees before applying for a position. Consequently, colleges and universities have come up with the solution of online teaching and learning, which offers more schedule flexibility to those juggling work, education and personal time. However, like in any other industry, many people tried to take advantage of this new educational system by scamming students into false online schools and degrees. Here are a few ways to stay away from diploma mills and find a reliable school online.

How did you find out about it?

This is an immediate giveaway in the case of diploma mills. If you found out about a college or university through spam emails or other such pop-up browser tricks, then you are most likely dealing with a scam. A reliable online school will always reach its potential students through legit and serious newsletters, newspapers or specialized websites.

Look up its website and address

Another way to tell whether you’re dealing with a reliable school or a diploma mill is to check on its website. Legit schools will always have a .edu website, while scams can never have access to such a domain. Furthermore, you will notice that when you’re dealing with a phony school, its address will not be that of a real campus, but rather a P.O Box or an apartment number. To make sure your online school is real, check that its address is not bogus. Why not even pay it a visit?

Accreditation is a must

A golden rule when looking for online schools is to always make sure the program you enlist for is accredited. Since accreditation is such a lengthy and complicated process, scam colleges or universities will never have access to it. Even though not all unaccredited schools are cons, it’s much safer to choose an accredited program. It’s also much more profitable for your future if you invest in an accredited degree, as it will guarantee your future employers that you have received a tuition that is up to par.

What are the requirements to graduate?

Finally, you should examine the graduation requirements and the types of assignments or exams that you will have to take. When you’re dealing with a diploma mill, they will most likely ask you to complete basic knowledge tests, to comprise a portfolio containing your life experience or other bogus means of evaluation.
It is true that some real online schools transfer work experience into credits, but this is done on the basis of a thorough evaluation process and not for a portfolio you comprised. A legit college or university online will have courses organized on semesters or trimesters, just like in the case of a traditional degree program. You will be asked to hand in assignments and to participate in exams and, depending on the type of program you choose, you might also have to attend the school campus for certain classes.

Provided that you keep these guidelines in mind, you should have no trouble when choosing your online school.