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How to get a doctor degree online

Statistics gathered by the American Census Bureau show that people who earned the title of Doctor in their field of activity earn a hefty $37,000 per annum more than graduates who only possess a BA. This provides a much needed larger perspective on the investment of time and money that a Doctoral program requires. Much like all other long-distance learning possibilities, PhD courses have been structured and adapted to Internet teaching in order to make higher education accessible to more people.

Important aspects of online PhD degrees

The leading Universities in terms of online-based doctoral programs usually offer lengthy and extensive engagements before awarding the title of Doctor. Increased time requirements from those of classic PhD courses are due to the fact that teaching over the internet can also prove difficult at times. Communication is permanently maintained via message boards, e-mails and videoconference meetings when both parties are available.However, your presence will be required in order to hold a couple of seminars, as well as meet face to face with your guiding professor from time to time.
After you’ve attended some advanced courses in the field you want to get your PhD in, the committee of professors, usually made up of three to five individuals that approve of your research, hold a qualification exam. This assessment will prove that you are qualified to continue research in the domain and it marks the starting point of your own original investigations.All of your research then needs to be put down into an extensive, in-depth dissertation that is approximately the length of a book. As any personal point of view, you’ll then be required to defend your results in an interview with the committee, after which the professors are going to award you the title of Doctor based on your performance.

Accreditation is a serious concern

Whether you’re interested in attending an online doctoral program or the traditional courses of an institution, accreditation is the most important factor. Without accreditation, your PhD will be rendered useless and even fake, reducing years’ worth of research and effort to one statement: your credentials are not accepted. Most importantly, it will also have a negative impact on your career, as your professional reputation can suffer huge drawbacks from the fact that you used a degree in your resume that is not accredited – whether you intended to do so or not.

Things you can do to avoid diploma mills

Before giving away your credit card and engaging in a potentially harmful collaboration, take a decent amount of time to investigate the institution you’ll be working with. You can start by examining whether the name of the University has already been black-listed as used by counterfeiters, then assessing whether it holds a valid accreditation or not. Other indicators that might help you are the institution’s website, whether it has frequent grammar mistakes or not, as well as if it owns an “.edu” domain, which is very hard to obtain.
Finally, another handy verification you can do is checking the address that is provided on the website – does it lead to an actual building or a Post Office box in a train station? Finally, you should contact other graduates of the same institution,since you never know what you’ll have to do that is conveniently avoided on the marketing brochure.