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Shorten your path to a college degree

There are millions of people in very different situations in need of a college degree today. Whether you’ve just finished high school and you would like to pursue higher education, whether you’ve been working for more than ten years without a degree and your employer suddenly decides you need one or whether you simply want to re-specialize, a college degree is most likely on your to do list. However, when you consider how many years of work are involved, you might end up losing some of the enthusiasm.

How long does it actually take to graduate from college?

Theoretically, a college degree program takes up a minimum of four years. During this time, you have to attend around 20-30 hours of classes per week, take up around 5-8 courses per semester and at least as many examinations or assignments.
However, statistics show that only 40% of students graduate from college in four years. The remaining 60% take at least six years to complete the program and sometimes even more. Why? At times, because they cannot pass all their exams in one go. Others run into financial difficulties and are forced to postpone their education. Indeed, many unexpected events can force a student to freeze their education and only return to graduate if and once the issue is dealt with.

How can you make it shorter?

The answer is simple. You can drastically shorten your path to a college degree by purchasing one online. Not only will you save yourself a lot of money otherwise spent on exorbitant tuition fees and living costs in a foreign city, but you will also spare yourself years of hard work, learning and trying examinations.
Perhaps you’re wondering how much shorter the time interval required to graduate is. You’ll be surprised to find out that what is at least four years of traditional education can be compressed in only a few weeks! What’s more, the price of a purchased degree is only a fraction of the traditional tuition fees, making it affordable to everyone who needs it. And to top it all off, all you have to do to obtain one is find a reliable intermediary, choose your type of degree and your Major, as well as the additional documents you wish to purchase, and place your order. Through a highly confidential and swift process, you can then become the owner of a BA, MA or even PhD in a matter of days.

It is 100% legal and safe

You might have heard people making a case against online degree purchasing because they believe it is too risky. Yes, if you buy your degree from a notorious diploma mill, you can endanger your career and reputation. However, if you find an intermediary instead, you will be perfectly safe when using your new degree on your resume. Why? Because an intermediary will not forge a diploma. On the contrary, such an organization will communicate your order to a college that is willing to issue your diploma in exchange for a fee and provide you with an authentic degree, from a real, accredited college. Due to the fact that all your records will be stored by the respective institution as well, your resume will be perfectly safe and never seem suspicious.