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Smart ways to shorten up your time to a university degree

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When you buy a degree from us you can also buy supporting documents .

It is a good idea to purchase them in order to be able to prove the legality and authenticity of the degree in front of the colleagues and employers.

The prices of the supporting documents are listed below:

Recent U.S. statistics show that less than 40% of the students that enroll in a college graduate before the four year marker. Further data from the Department of Education points to the fact that the average time it takes an individual to get his BA is closer to the six year marker. Even if you’re not experiencing financial difficulties or you’ve managed to keep yourself through high-school while also working, everything changes in college. Tuition fees at the top 100 educational institutions amount to 6-figures for getting a degree, making it almost impossible to have a regular job and keep the rhythm of traditional schooling.

Documents price

USD $120

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Graduation Letter
  • Letter of Appreciation

USD $200

  • Transcript of record
  • Student Record
  • Reference Letter by First Professor
  • Reference Letter by Second Professor
  • Reference Letter by Third Professor

USD $250

  • Internship Letter from Company
  • Internship Letter from University
  • Student ID
  • University Alumni Card
  • University Library Card
  • Student Union Card/ Student Association Card

USD $300

  • Sealed Transcripts


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Smart ways to shorten up your time to a university degree

Online degrees are a step forward

For those of us who haven’t had the chance of going to college after graduating high-school, because of personal or financial reasons, online learning is the best solution in order to continue our development into higher education. For starters, you won’t need to commute in order to be on-campus or close to it. You can attend seminars, courses and receive assignments through the Internet. All of the information that is distributed by your professors is made available on the University’s platform and can be accessed from handheld devices or personal computers.
It does seem reasonable to transform the snail mail long-distance form of schooling into the high-tech videoconferencing and graphically interactive slides, but take a moment to think of the advantages of such a system. Besides the obvious savings, you’ll be able to keep your job and have a personal life, integrating learning into your schedule, according to your preferences. If you learn best at night or if you have a lot of spare time while on public transportation to work, it is your choice where and in what circumstances you learn.
Most Universities have adapted online degree programs in order to be shorter than your average three or four year college experience, but there are still some cases in which the curriculum is very much the same.

The gift of time: buying your degree

It is commonplace to buy a degree nowadays, as the market for people wanting to improve their lives with higher-education certificates is sky-rocketing. Nobody wants to perform the same task year in, year out. Some people are more careful when doing so, while others just focus on the final objective on getting promoted. Nonetheless, buying a degree online should not be taken lightly, as it can have both a beneficial and potentially harmful effect on the rest of your career.

Don’t waiver – make sure you know what you buy

Diploma mills and such organizations are springing up in numerous countries every day. Some businesses are legit, while others rely solely on scamming their customers into buying a product that can have a negative impact on their life. Before purchasing a degree, verify that the educational institution releasing it possesses an accreditation, thereby making your diploma a legal document issued by a legitimate establishment. If your online degree is not accredited, then you run the risk of being discovered at the next screening process, making yourself liable to consequences that can range from a warning to a dramatic shift in your professional life.