Graduation Garment Fees

The fastest way to earn a degree

When you order a degree you can also order graduation garment . We offer you high quality graduation garment for the ones that want to experience a unique graduation feeling.

Document Type Price
Graduation Cap $250
Graduation Hood $150
Gradation Gown $550
University Diploma Folder $135
Certified Copies of University Degree $200
Lawyer legalisation $550
Government Apostile $800
Embassy Legalisation $2050

You can proud yourself with the graduation garments from the university you graduated and you can show off in front of your friends and relatives.


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The fastest way to earn a degree

A student can complete a solid university track, starting from a BA to earning a PhD, in no less than 8 years. Only a Bachelor’s degree program takes up to 4 years of hard work to obtain through traditional means. However, when you’re striving to stay competitive on today’s fierce employment market, it can be nearly impossible to interrupt your work in order to earn more degrees and add qualifications to your resume. What are the alternatives to such traditional programs?

Online teaching and learning

The solution proposed by well-established universities and colleges, such as the University of Stanford, is online teaching and learning. What began as long-distance learning has now adapted to the ever developing possibilities of technology and became online degree programs.
Basically, an online degree program follows the same structure as a traditional one, but you can do most if not all the work in front of your PC, through the Internet. As a bonus, you get to decide when and how you learn, as well as the number of courses you take per semester. This means that, depending on how much time you’re willing to spend on it, you can graduate from an online Bachelor’s degree program in 16 months, 10 years or anywhere in the interval. Of course, while this is indeed a possibility to earn a degree faster, it still implies a lot of effort and financial resources on your part. You still have to learn and, if you want to graduate sooner, you have to learn for more courses per semester than you would in a traditional program.

The actual fastest way to earn a degree

If you want to actually attain your degree fast, then purchasing an online degree is your best option. Provided that you find a reliable intermediary and stay away from diploma mills, you will have no legal issues at your workplace and you will obtain a degree for a fraction of the cost and little to no effort.
An intermediary will pick up on your purchase order and will find a real, physically existing and accredited college or university that is willing to issue your diploma and adjacent documents for a fee. All you have to do is make sure you are dealing with a reliable provider and select your desired type of degree, Major and the additional documents you wish to purchase in order to safeguard your resume.
The effect is guaranteed to be identical to that of a traditional degree, which means that you will earn more respectability in front of your peers and you will boost your CV to secure your position and prepare for further job opportunities. What’s truly great about this popular means of acquiring degrees is that you won’t have to take any exams, attend any classes or hand in any coursework. This way, you can continue to shine at your workplace and accumulate valuable work experience, while concomitantly improving your resume and enhancing your qualifications, all for minimal expenses. It’s the best way to stay competitive on the employment market and it’s definitely the fastest way to earn a degree.