Legal Document Fees

The future of education- online learning and online degrees

We provide you legal documents because we are 100 % legal. We offer you the following legal documents.


at $ 800 . It is a document from an international treaty drafted by the Hague Conference on Private International Law. It is offered to the ones interested to buy a university degree.

Lawyer Notarization

at $ 550. It is a notorial act that attests the fact that the degree is authentic and the signature is genuine.

Embassy Legalization

at $ 2050. When you are interested to buy a degree you might want to get this document because it can be used for documents issued in one country and that is to be used in another country. With the embassy legalization the document will be considered valid for use.


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The future of education- online learning and online degrees

More and more people can see that online learning and degrees are the future of what we know today to be education. Even if faculty programs of long-distance learning have turned into the mediatized online courses, their efficiency and results are now considered to be beyond what long-distance learning is capable of. This is possible mainly because of the vast resources that online learning make available to their students. From videoconferencing, to live chat rooms, access to digitalized information and presentations facilitate learning at an incredible rate.

The development of our world demands it

It’s noteworthy that online education started as a means of meeting the ever-increasing demands of an alternative to traditional schooling, but that it now develops into what we can easily call mainstream education. The trend nowadays is to opt for an online course, as it is a convenient way to add qualifications to one’s resume while working at the same time. More and more individuals enjoy the benefits of learning over the Internet in the attempt to remain competitive on the job offer market, or simply to get that higher-education degree they’ve always wanted to have.
Whether you’re living in an already developed or developing country, business is booming on all four continents. Because of the world-wide access of communication through satellites and internet, there is no unknown spot on our planet. Everywhere there are people with demands, as well as a natural propensity to participate to the community, which makes them want to integrate into the global market.The easy way to do this is attaining an online degree.

Faster, more interactive and efficient

These three adjectives describe online learning entirely. If you don’t have access to a certain specialty at your local University, the Internet gives you the possibility of attending an institution that meets your requirements. Located hundreds or even thousands of miles away, this educational institution can provide you with a genuine learning experience. Now, you can attend lectures from the comfort of your desk and schedule your learning according to the rest of your responsibilities. Fifteen years ago, it was a distant dream to be able to work, attend to the education of your children and follow a degree programme. Today, it is the rhythm the world lives by. Online forms of learning are now considered the improvement of classic learning. Just as education began to take a keen interest into the individual, changing its approach to a more student-based curriculum, learning is now changing its environment, adapting itself to the needs of humanity in the 21st century.

It’s good for the college too

Besides the numerous advantages that a student enjoys, there are significant resource savings when it comes to online learning. For instance, large buildings don’t have to be maintained, while electricity and heat are only necessary for the professor’s office, where he leads the videoconference seminar. Moreover, internet-based learning can simultaneously manage a mass of individuals, whereas the capacity is always restricted in face to face interaction. If you’re a lecturer holding an open course, now you can reach to thousands and even tens of thousands of neophytes.