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Top 50 best online universities in the world ranking


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Top 50 best online universities in the world ranking

No doubt, in today’s world, when everyone has to manage family, work and a continuous educational process, all in very little given time, an online university program is the best option for employees to improve their resumes with more qualifications after the initial BA. If you decide on an online degree, this can save you not only a lot of time, but also valuable financial resources. You don’t have to relocate to a different city, you can make your own learning schedule and you get to keep your job.

Even if you’re not yet working and you’ve only just finished high school, an online degree is still a possibility worth considering. Instead of spending more than 6 years on a solid educational background, you can try to get a job and solidify your resume with much appreciated work experience, while also working towards attaining your first higher education degree.

Given the soaring progress of technology, thousands of universities all over the world have begun online learning programs in order to offer people the possibility to get educated, no matter where they are. Before you enlist in a program, however, you should make sure that your chosen university is accredited and recognized in the state where you work or where you wish to begin your career.

In case you would like to find a job in the USA, we’ve prepared a list of the top online universities for you to choose from. Even if the States are not your preferred setting, a degree coming from such an institution would no doubt become an important asset on your resume, as all of these universities can be found in the world’s best.The best part about it? No matter where your online university is located, you can attend courses from the comfort of your own home.

1. Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts
2. Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland
3. Stanford University
4. University of Phoenix
5. Capella University
6. DeVry University
7. Ashford University
8. Walden University
9. Kaplan University
10. Strayer University
11. Grand Canyon University
12. Western Governors University
13. Ashford University
14. Bellevue University
15. Boise State University
16. Boston University
17. Brandeis University
18. California State University in Monterey Bay
19. California State University in Northridge
20. eCornell
21. George Washington University
22. Hawaii Pacific University Online
23. Indiana State University
24. Northeastern University
25. The University of Florida

26. University of Illinois at Chicago
27. University of Maryland in Baltimore County
28. Washington State University
29. University of North Carolina
30. Michigan State University
31. Ohio State University
32. Pennsylvania State University
33. Indiana University in Bloomington
34. Texas A & M University
35. University of California in Los Angeles
36. University of Minnesota in Twin Cities
37. University of Wisconsin in Madison
38. Dickinson State University
39. Everest University
40. Everglades University
41. Franklin University
42. ITT Technical Institute
43. Jones International University
44. LeTourneau University
45. Northcentral University
46. Regent University
47. Salem International University
48. Tiffin University
49. Bowling Green State University
50. Concordia University in Portland