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Why should you choose an accredited college degree ?

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Why should you choose an accredited college degree ?

You can shop for everything on the Internet nowadays, from clothes, to groceries, accessories, cars, houses and even degrees.Diploma mills and various institutions offering to sell certificates have been in existence for over 10 years now, earning a legitimate income for the services they offer. Whether you’re considering getting a life-experience degree or buyingan actual college diploma, the question of accreditation undoubtedly arises. In this article, you’ll find more about accreditation and why it is so important that every diploma, certificate and degree you put on your resume has credentials.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is the process an institution undergoes so that it can be legally declared as an educational establishment. Once this is done, the organization has the approval of the local authorities of a country or state to educate and train people, thereby releasing degrees that certify their experience and qualifications. However, it’s more than just signing some forms and ticking boxes. Verifications must be passed, standards that vary from one region to another to be met, as well as other requirements that are factored in.Overall, accreditation is a lengthy process that, in some cases, can even take years to be completed. The advantage of having accreditationis extended, by association, to your diploma, which becomes an accredited document with a legal value. Wherever you’ll go, nobody can challenge or disprove the fact that you hold a legitimate degree. Moreover, such a certificate also features some form of records, such as credentials or transcripts. These records are the foundation of your CV’s eligibility in the event that you’ll be subjected to a screening process.

There’s more than your CV on the line

Say you have some degrees that attest you are qualified to work in a certain field or that you’ve attended a higher education program, but they are not accredited. In the event that you’ll apply for a job at a multi-national corporation or aimto be promoted to that comfortable, black leather manager seat, you can be quite certain that your CV will be subjected to a credentials’ check. This means that either your employers or a third-party that they’ve contracted will be running a background check on everything you’ve declared on your resume. Only one non-accredited degree is required in order to lose this once in a lifetime opportunity. If you’re highly engaged on a social level with your employer, you might be able to avoid any unnecessary consequences and get off with a warning. Nonetheless, this rarely happens, as most individuals take pride in publicly discrediting those workers that employ such tactics in order to get ahead of the competition. Your professional career will undoubtedly have to suffer.

It’s simply not worth it

Buying an accredited degree is still a fraction of the cost of tuition fees in a traditional higher education program. There’s no reason for you to risk the future of your career and possibly endanger the financial security of the rest of your life by using degrees that are not accredited. No, they will not be granted for your life experience, nor will they arrive today at your door, but it is an investment that will prove worthy in the long run. You’ll never have to think about the possibility of being discovered and you’ll be able to focus solely on boosting your career to those executive positions.